Online Marketing Solutions

This website is the unplanned COVID 19 – baby of my husband Klaas and me, aka Klausi & Mausi. In this crazy time we live in, we took a deep breath and decided to think out of the box instead of staying paralyzed with uncertainty and waiting for things to go back to ‘normal’. And I took an even deeper breath myself, to finally dare to come out of my comfortable snail’s house and become a bit more visible in the world. It’s about time…

‘Online Marketing Solutions’ – that’s a very silly joke, of course! We’re both as analog as it gets; very well trained in the field of music & yoga, but unfortunately not so very well trained in anything related to ‘this internet’ they’re all talking about…

So building this website together during the months of the lockdown was a very interesting journey that taught us both a whole bunch of handy skills and opened our minds for new projects and possibilities.

Everything you see & hear on ‘Time for Yin’ is 100% homemade, local & organic 😉 The drum cabin under the roof is now also my yoga video space, Klaas produced all the music and sounds himself, my sister-in-law took the great pictures on the roundabout just around the corner, and the background pics are close-ups of pretty dresses, curtains and gift wrap I found around the house. I’m very grateful for this inspiring creative process and all the help we had from the people around us. I’m happy to send this baby into the world now and I hope it will bring you some light, love & joy.