Katrin’s Story

Where It All Began…

In the first 25 years of my life, there was no room for doubt that I was meant to be a musician. Music has always been my love and my talent. Only after finishing my studies at the ‘ivory tower’ of Conservatory, the first cracks came into the foundation. I fell into a deep and dark hole, totally not prepared for the tough reality of a musician’s life – and what helped me to get out of that hole was Yoga!

While my career as a singer never really wanted to flow, things came so much more naturally to me on my Yoga path. Step by step, I went from practicing to studying to teaching, which was (and still is!) a very beautiful and also very intense ride. 

Through Yoga, I finally became better friends with my body. It shows me where I am stuck, physically, and mentally.

Sometimes it really kicks my ass. Sometimes it gives me a big hug. Whatever is most needed at that moment. 

I’m intensely grateful that I found this practice in which I’m still learning every day and that I’d love to share with you, hoping it will nourish your body, soften your heart and calm your mind.


Katrin’s Story

My Yoga Path

When I moved from Germany to Amsterdam in 2003, I ‘accidentally’ started practicing Ashtanga Yoga. And even though I kept doing that for a few years, I still had slightly mixed feelings about Yoga. But when I took a class with Anat Geiger in 2007, I knew that I had found my teacher. I studied with her for several years and did more than 500 hours of teacher training with her (Vinyasa and Yin). In 2010, I started teaching at her studio, where I could slowly develop my teaching skills under her careful guidance.

Through the years, I’ve been teaching different styles of Yoga in various studios, but my biggest passion has always been Yin. I immediately fell in love with this quiet and soft, but also intense and powerful practice. And it makes me happy to see so many different people benefit from its healing effects.

In 2017, I had the great opportunity to follow a teacher training with Paul & Suzee Grilley, the ‘godparents’ of Yin Yoga, and these days I follow their teachings online.

And for the last few months, to my own surprise, I’m practicing Ashtanga Yoga again, this time under the guidance of Katiza Satya & Kevin Sahaj. After all these years, it feels like a circle is closing. As if I’m redoing the foundation of my Yoga practice. And I want to keep on learning, with a beginner’s mind, open for different teachers and teachings, knowing there are many ways that lead to Rome.

“I know that I know nothing.”  

That’s all I know for sure by now.


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Yin Yoga classes in Amsterdam

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