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Slow down & enjoy!

Deep stretches, long-held poses, heavenly relaxation for body & mind. 



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“Yin Yoga is for Every Body.

Young and Old.

XS & XL.

Newbie & Yoga Crack.

Come as you are!”

Katrin Kögel, Yoga teacher, Amsterdam



What People are Saying


“Pure, friendly guidance”

“I really like the simple and caring way Katrin has just by being authentic. During the practice, I feel that it’s only me who is in my space and she is not interfering with that zone… There are no unnecessary comments or gestures, there is just pure, friendly guidance. This approach creates trust in me and I can easily let go and dive into my Yin journey.”

Hande, Talent & Organizational Development Consultant


“A not-to-miss guide in Yin Yoga-land!”

“Katrin is my all-time fave Yin Yoga teacher! She creates an environment where inner peace and soul searching can exist without pressure or control. The space you find in body and soul is addicting, and I cannot go long without needing a lesson from Katrin to remind me of who I am and where I want to be. This is her merit, with her loving presence and the space she provides in her lessons she has helped me throughout hard times and supported me in good times. An indispensable and not-to-miss guide in Yin Yoga-land!”

Lotte, Actrice


“Creativity, sense of humor & warmth”

“Katrin has been my Yin Yoga teacher for the past seven years. Her knowledge of the postures and anatomy is outstanding. She designs her classes around a central theme that serves to bring the postures together. Katrin offers personal attention and helps her students with the right props to find a good stretch. I also enjoy her creativity, sense of humor, and warmth.”
Jord, Teacher NT2


Why Yin Yoga?

Deep relaxation

Helps to quiet the mind & soften the body.

Fantastic stress remedy.

It just feels wonderful afterward!

Yin balances Yang

Perfect to complement your more active yoga practice or sports.

Balancing a mainly ‘Yang’ lifestyle of working hard & living even harder.

Connective tissue

Stretching the connective tissues in a Yin way helps to prevent joint rigidity & immobility.

Rejuvenating effect, keeps the tissues nice & juicy.

Release tension

Learn to become aware of stress-related tension in the body.

Notice where & when you’re holding your breath.

And then let go!


Find out about your thinking patterns and how they are reflected in your body.

Learn what works for your unique body and what doesn’t – because Every Body is different!

Soft heart

A beautiful way to connect with your body and embrace it just the way it is.

Accepting yourself with all your curves & edges, inside and outside, allows you to open your heart for others.